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  • Insurgent

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 4:52 pm
    Insurgent Insurgent is a 2012 science fiction young adult novel by American novelist Veronica Roth, the second book in the Divergent trilogy. Published: May 1, 2012 Author: Veronica Roth Preceded by: Divergent Followed by: Allegiant Genres: Young adult literature, Science Fiction, Romance novel Reuploaded Thanks to KundAlini  
  • Great Maps

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 4:48 pm
    The world's finest maps explored and explained. From Ptolemy's world map to the Hereford's Mappa Mundi, through Mercator's map of the world to the latest maps of the Moon and Google Earth, Great Maps provides a fascinating overview of cartography through the ages. Revealing the stories behind 55 historical maps by analyzing graphic close-ups, Great Maps also profiles key cartographers and explorers to look why each map was commissioned, who it was for and how they influenced navigation, propaganda, power, art, and politics.
  • Learning and Teaching: The Essential Guide for Higher Level Teaching Assistants

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 4:31 pm
    Learning and Teaching concentrates on the practical teaching skills that an HLTA needs to be able to use in the classroom. It offers guidance and support on fulfilling the standards and succeeding in the classroom role.
  • Ocean

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 4:16 pm
    The power and wonder of the ocean is as strong today as ever, with new expeditions to its depths, and new discoveries beneath melting ice, in developing reefs, and on shores around the world. To celebrate, we are releasing a second edition of Ocean, with the latest scientific research, coverage of major events like Superstorm Sandy and the Fukushima tsunami, and new graphics and images. Ocean includes an atlas of the world's oceans and seas compiled using satellite data, brand-new 3-D Earth modeling, and remarkable photography of the marine world that explores the interaction between people and the ocean environment.
  • The History of Astronomy: A Very Short Introduction

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 3:59 pm
    This is a fascinating introduction to the history of Western astronomy, from prehistoric times to the origins of astrophysics in the mid-nineteenth century. Historical records are first found in Babylon and Egypt, and after two millennia the arithmetical astronomy of the Babylonians merged with the Greek geometrical approach to culminate in the Almagest of Ptolemy. This legacy was transmitted to the Latin West via Islam, and led to Copernicus's claim that the Earth is in motion. In justifying this Kepler converted astronomy into a branch of dynamics, leading to Newton's universal law of gravity.
  • The Sketchnote Handbook: the illustrated guide to visual note taking

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 3:57 pm
    This gorgeous, fully illustrated handbook tells the story of sketchnotes--why and how you can use them to capture your thinking visually, remember key information more clearly, and share what you've captured with others. Author Mike Rohde shows you how to incorporate sketchnoting techniques into your note-taking process--regardless of your artistic abilities--to help you better process the information that you are hearing and seeing through drawing, and to actually have fun taking notes.
  • The Planets

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 3:07 pm
    Featuring all-new 3D models built using data gathered by NASA and the European Space Agency, The Planets is an awe-inspiring journey through the Solar System, from Earth to Mars and beyond. Viewed layer by layer, planets and other objects in the Solar System are taken out of the night sky and presented on a white background, revealing every detail of their surface and internal anatomy in astonishing detail.
  • The Weir

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 2:25 pm
    The Weir The Weir by Conor McPherson BBC Radio 3 An attractive young woman comes into a Dublin pub, and the local barflies try to impress her with ghostly tales. It turns out that the woman has the spookiest story of all. Playwright Conor McPherson (Shining City, The Seafarer) wrote The Weir when he was 26 years old, capturing the Olivier Award for Best New Play and the Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Playwright. Reuploaded Thanks to KundAlini
  • Ian McEwan

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 2:18 pm
    In this survey Ian McEwan emerges as one of those rare writers whose works have received both popular and critical acclaim. His novels grace the bestseller lists, and he is well regarded by critics, both as a stylist and as a serious thinker about the function and capacities of narrative fiction.
  • A History of History

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 2:14 pm
    In a provocative analysis of European and American historical thinking and practice since the early 18th century, A History of History confronts several basic assumptions about the nature of history. Among these are the concept of historical realism, the belief in representationalism and the idea that the past possesses its own narrative. What is offered in this book is a far-reaching and fundamental rethinking of realist and representationalist ‘history of a particular kind’ by addressing and explaining the ideas of major philosophers of history over the past three hundred years and those of the key theorists of today.
  • Essaying the Past: How to Read, Write and Think about History

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 2:05 pm
    The second edition of Essaying the Past features a variety of updates and enhancements to further its standing as an indispensible resource to all aspects of researching and writing historical essays.Includes expert advice on writing about history, conducting good research, and learning how to think analyticallyIncludes a new chapter addressing common situations that represent steps in the transition from a rough first draft to a final version
  • New Scientist - 23 August 2014

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 2:01 pm
    New Scientist - 23 August 2014 New Scientist is superbly written, features great design and photography throughout and is accessible to anyone interested in science, regardless of their level of knowledge or qualifications. Each issue of this great weekly mag brings you all the news from the world of science, covering every discipline such as physics, biology, chemistry and some wonderfully advanced ideas such as quantum mechanics and string theory.
  • The Economist - Issue 2014-08-23

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 1:19 pm
    The Economist - Issue 2014-08-23 The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, politics, finance, current affairs, science, technology and the arts.
  • Newsademic nr 230 – British and American English edition (with activities) 21 August 2014

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 1:19 pm
    Newsademic nr 230 – British and American English edition (with activities) 21 August 2014 Newsademic is an easy-to-understand international newspaper, written and edited in a style that assists English Language teaching and learning. Newsademic is a fortnightly publication (20 articles) and associated website. Both British and American English versions of the newspaper are available. The easy-to-read newspaper features the top world news stories that have made headlines during the previous two weeks.
  • Grammar for Schools 5: DVD-Rom

    Posted on: 22 August 2014, 1:18 pm
    A 7-level series with clear explanations and communicative activities to help young learners and teenagers understand and practise grammar. The Student's DVD-ROM  is for use in class on an interactive whiteboard or for home study. It includes the full book on screen with integrated audio and songs, and extra interactive exercises. Level B1 - PET

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