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  • Alternative Comics: An Emerging Literature

    Posted on: 22 December 2014, 7:16 am
    In the 1980s, a sea change occurred in comics. Fueled by Art Spiegel- man and Françoise Mouly's avant-garde anthology Raw and the launch of the Love & Rockets series by Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez, the decade saw a deluge of comics that were more autobiographical, emotionally realistic, and experimental than anything seen before. These alternative comics were not the scatological satires of the 1960s underground, nor were they brightly colored newspaper strips or superhero comic books. In Alternative Comics: An Emerging Literature, Charles Hatfield establishes the parameters of alternative comics by closely examining long-form comics, in particular the graphic novel.
  • Building Vocabulary Skills

    Posted on: 22 December 2014, 7:02 am
    Building Vocabulary Skills Introduces 300 essential words and word parts that are needed for general reading comprehension in high school and college.
  • Pingu loves English: Song Book + Audio

    Posted on: 22 December 2014, 7:01 am
    Pingu loves English. Song Book+Audio  Учебное пособие для детей дошкольного возраста. Пособие содержит тексты песенок, упражнения для обучения алфавита, цифр, наиболее необходимых слов и фраз. Много иллюстраций, все цветные.
  • Words, Meaning and Vocabulary 1st Edition: An Introduction to Modern English Lexicology

    Posted on: 21 December 2014, 5:16 pm
    Words, Meaning and Vocabulary 1st Edition: An Introduction to Modern English Lexicology This textbook is a systematic and accessible introduction to the lexicology of modern English. Lexicology is the branch of linguistics that studies all aspects of the vocabulary of a particular language. The book provides an account of the sources of modern English words and studies the development of vocabulary over time.
  • Inglés médico

    Posted on: 21 December 2014, 5:16 pm
    Inglés médico For speakers of Spanish. Bilingual Spanish - English list of common sentences at a medical practice.
  • User's Guide for the Oxford English Dictionary

    Posted on: 21 December 2014, 3:49 pm
    A User's Guide to the Oxford English Dictionary has been provided to help you make full use of the Dictionary's many features. It is both a source of general information about the Dictionary and a key to the structure of specific entries. This Guide provides a detailed account of the conventions and organization of the Dictionary text. It gives an analysis of the components of a typical entry: pronunciation; part of speech, labels indicating, for example, the region in which a word arose or the discipine in which it is used; variates,; etymology; the definition itself; and the suportung quotations. There is a also a section on special types of entries, such as acronyms, abbreviations, and proper names.
  • Getting Your Words' Worth

    Posted on: 21 December 2014, 3:27 pm
    Discovering and enjoying phantonyms, gramograms, anagrams and other fascinating word phenomena. Fans of Anguished English and Get Thee to a Punnery will revel in the pages of this rich collection of linguistic acrobatics like palindromes and other fun word combinations, by the authors of The Right Words.
  • Just Ask Mr. Wordwizard

    Posted on: 21 December 2014, 2:36 pm
    Employs a lively question-and-answer format to illumine the origins of common words, the excesses of sports journalism, the most overused expressions, the advertising arsenal of adjectives, and other persnickety language matters.
  • O Brave New Words! Native American Loanwords in Current English

    Posted on: 21 December 2014, 2:24 pm
    Native American loanwords are a crucial, though little acknowledged, part of the English language. This book shows how the more than one-thousand current loanwords were adopted and demonstrates how the changing relationships between Indians and European settlers can be traced in the rate of loanword borrowing and the kinds of words adopted.
  • Meg Cabot - Pants on Fire

    Posted on: 21 December 2014, 1:18 pm
    Meg Cabot - Pants on Fire Katie Ellison is not a liar. It's just that telling the truth is so ... tricky. She knows she shouldn't be making out with a drama club hottie behind her football-player boyfriend's back. She should probably admit that she can't stand eating quahogs (clams), especially since she's running for Quahog Princess in her hometown's annual Quahog Festival. Reuploaded Thanks to floarea
  • First Grade Scholar: Workbook

    Posted on: 21 December 2014, 12:45 pm
    SCHOOL ZONE-Super Scholar Workbook. This workbook has a variety of activities to help your child learn! Simple instructions, colorful illustrations and entertaining activities will help your child develop important readiness skills, gain confidence and enjoy learning. This package contains one 128 page workbook. Available in a variety of different grade levels, each sold separately
  • The Play of Words: Fun & Games for Language Lovers

    Posted on: 21 December 2014, 12:45 pm
    The Play of Words: Fun & Games for Language Lovers Do you know the connection between the expression A HARROWING EXPERIENCE and agriculture, between BY AND LARGE and sailing, between GET YOUR GOAT and horses, or between STEAL YOUR THUNDER and show business?
  • Australian Literature: Postcolonialism, Racism, Transnationalism

    Posted on: 21 December 2014, 12:44 pm
    Australian Literature: Postcolonialism, Racism, Transnationalism The Oxford Studies in Postcolonial Literatures series offers stimulating and accessible introductions to definitive topics and key genres and regions within the rapidly diversifying field of postcolonial literary studies in English.
  • Harvard Business Review USA - January-February 2015

    Posted on: 21 December 2014, 12:44 pm
    Harvard Business Review USA - January-February 2015 Harvard Business Review is a general management magazine published since 1922 by Harvard Business School Publishing, owned by the Harvard Business School. A monthly research-based magazine written for business practitioners, it claims a high ranking business readership among academics, executives, and management consultants.
  • The Year of Sharing (level 2)

    Posted on: 21 December 2014, 12:43 pm
    The Year of Sharing (level 2) Richard is bored with the quiet life in his village. He would like to have a motor-car and drive it … very fast. But Richard lives in a future world where there are no cars, only bicycles and small villages and green forests. And now he is 12 years old, and like the other children, he must do his Year of Sharing. He must live alone in the forest with the wild animals. He must learn to share his world; he must learn how animals live and eat and fight… and die. Reuploaded/ audio added Thanks to elefanta

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