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How to use in an article:
You can use these commands in the fulltext article content:
{extranews}off{/extranews} - Turn off extranews rendering
{extranews items="5" term="joomla,extension" }related{/extranews} - Show related article items
{extranews items="5" catid="10,14,21" }latest{/extranews} - Show latest article items
{extranews items="5" }newer{/extranews} - Show newer article items
{extranews items="5" }older{/extranews} - Show older article items
{extranews items="5" }random{/extranews} - Show radom article items
{extranews items="5" }popular{/extranews} - Show most read article items
You can change the item number by setting items="n", n is an integer.
For related items: the "term" is like metakey when you are posting/editing a article.
items: n
catid: all, n or n1,n2,n3
term: keywords for related articles.
title: The title of article list

This will act on any component call "onContentPrepare" event.

The code should be:

  • For media: youtube, slideshare, scribd, ted ... {extranews}link to media{/extranews}
  • For mp3: {extranews media="mp3"}link mp3{/extranews}, các link file mp3 có thể để cách nhau bằng ký tự "|" file1.mp3|file2.mp3|file3.mp3|.....
  • For local mp3 album: {extranews media="mp3folder"}path to mp3 folder{/extranews}
  • For image: {extranews media="image"}link to image{/extranews}
  • For other: {extranews media="keyword"}content{/extranews}
    • in which keyword are: gchart, latex ...

Chú ý: nếu có nhiều hơn 1 file, danh sách file phân cách nhau bằng dấu đứng '|'.


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